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Bird Watching in the Hawkesbury

The Hawkesbury is an area rich in birdlife. There are literally hundreds of different varieties of native birds including water birds.
You can experience some of our bird either by bushwalking in any of our National Parks, or by spending time at our many lagoons and wetlands.
It is worth a visit to the Hawkesbury where you can take time to sit, look and listen to the wondrous sounds of our abundant birdlife.

Click here for List of Birds in the Hawkesbury

National Parks and Reserves where you can see some of our birdlife include:

  • Agnes Banks Nature Reserve
  • Blue Mountains National Park
  • Castlereagh Nature Reserve
  • Cattai National Park
  • Parr State Conservation Area
  • Scheyville National Park
  • Windsor Downs Nature Reserve
  • Wollemi National Park
  • Yellomundee Regional Park
  • Yengo National Park
  • Yarramundi Reserve

Rivers, Wetlands and Lagoons where you can see birdlife include:

  • Hawkesbury River
  • Grose River
  • Colo River
  • Upper Colo River
  • Wheeny Creek
  • Macdonald River
  • Nepean River
  • Pugh's Lagoon
  • Long Neck Lagoon
  • Pitt Town Lagoon Nature Reserve
  • McGraths Hill Wetlands

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